Friday, August 20, 2010

How to get rid of the BlackBerry footer in Aardvark

When using Aardvark ( via email on a BlackBerry smartphone, each reply ends with "Sent by BlackBerry smartphone", even though Aardvark usually cuts off footer lines in replies.

The reason for this is that the BlackBerry footer doesn't have any separator that the email parser can find.

This can easily be fixed by two alternatives

First alternative:

Adding two "-" signs in a single line at the end of the message.


Subject: Re: (Aardvark) Question about *BlackBerry*

Some helpful answer (probably)
anything from here is cut off ...

Second alternative:

To permanently add a separator before the footer so that you don't have to type it into the message, try editing the footer text on the BIS email profile (where you also add new email addresses, the url is something like

like this:

Your footer message goes here.

(you can also delete the footer completely if you prefer)

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